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Thanks, Donors! Donation Update, a Reminder, and Postcards
August 22, 2015, 12:00 pm
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Donation Update

Donations have been made in memory of Atticus to all four organizations mentioned previously this summer.


It’s great to see Atticus’ memory honored while doing good for other animals.

A Reminder

We’d love to see more giving in memory of Atticus. Could you part with the change jar on your dresser? Get it counted and donate the amount in honor of Atticus! Do you have a bag of tennis balls, dog food, or other items that you don’t need and Clackamas Dog Services could use for the shelter? Donate them! It doesn’t need to be much. Show your love!


One of Atticus’ postcards was returned as non-deliverable, and we learned of another that never made it to a fan. If you didn’t get yours, we have more and can try again! Just let us know that you’d like one.