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TDA Postcards and More on Memorial Donations
June 30, 2015, 12:00 pm
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This week I sent out a batch of postcards as a combination death announcement/memento for the friends Atticus collected over the years.

If you haven’t received a postcard and would like to, let me know! Comment on this post and I’ll contact the provided email address to get a mailing address. There are plenty of cards and postage left (even international!), so don’t be shy.

If you received that postcard and you’re here looking for information about donating in memory of Atticus, I’ll say a few words about why I’m putting it out there as a thing people may want to do, and why I’m suggesting specific organizations.

Atticus was a great dog, and touched the lives of many over his 13 years. He was much loved, and I suspect I’m not the only one who’d like to see him memorialized beyond this blog and in the hearts of his friends. It’s also an opportunity to help out some organizations that help animals.

Clackamas Dogs Foundation
When Atticus was a puppy, Clackamas County Dog Shelter was a fairly miserable place, underfunded and housed in a tiny, outdated building while the county population was quickly growing. Things have been improving—they finally moved into a newer building in 2009. A fledgling non-profit, Clackamas Dogs Foundation, is dedicated to supporting the shelter through procuring supplies, raising funds, and engaging the public in outreach.

Many local people may default their animal rescue giving to Oregon Humane Society, but it would be nice to spread the love to an up-and-coming resource a little closer to Atticus’ home.

Oregon Humane Society
Oregon Humane Society publishes donations in their quarterly magazine, and they certainly take donations in honor of a deceased animal. It’s really convenient to donate to them, and they’re a very worthy organization.

Compassionate Care Home Pet Services Husky Fund
Atticus’ last vet appointment was provided by Compassionate Care, a group of vets who aim to provide the most peaceful end possible. Their service meant his last afternoon was spent in his backyard, in the shade on a sunny day. Compassionate Care offers the Husky Fund, which provides cost assistance to families who need the same end-of-life care for their pet that Atticus received.

UPDATE (August 22, 2015): The link to The Husky Fund is currently down because funds are not currently available to Compassionate Care clients. The fund still exists! Get that URL out of 404 status by calling or sending an email to donate.

• DoveLewis Pet Loss Support
Over the last few weeks, Atticus’ humble assistant (that’s me) has discovered the pet loss support services available at DoveLewis. The program, spearheaded by certified grief counselor Enid Traisman, is run on donations. It would be great to raise enough for a leaf on the DoveLewis memorial tree.

Any of the above organizations should be able to take donations in memory of Atticus Finch Andrews—even if that donation is just a few dollars.

I’ll be making a contribution to each of the organizations too! Atticus was a special dog and he deserves to be remembered publicly.


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I would like a postcard. I never met Atticus in person, but followed his daily adventures the past several years on this blog and was sad to learn of his loss. I’m a bicyclist and first found Atticus indirectly through your bike-related blog. My wife and I had to say good-bye to our dog (he made it to 15), so we understand what you are going through. After following Atticus, we’d consider getting an Aussie, when we’re ready for a new dog.

Comment by Alan

Sure thing! Just sent an email. 🙂

Comment by bookishheather

[…] Donations have been made in memory of Atticus to all four organizations mentioned previously this su…. […]

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