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Atticus Finch Andrews: October 21, 2001-May 29, 2015
May 30, 2015, 12:00 pm
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Atticus watches the sun set over the Cascade Mountains
at Pine Mountain Observatory on July 2, 2012.

Atticus Finch Andrews died last night at the age of 13, surrounded by family and friends in his backyard. He had experienced a decline in mobility over the last year due to a growing sarcoma on his leg and arthritis, but remained happy and relatively active until Thursday evening when he fell seriously ill. Symptoms suggest he was bleeding internally from a ruptured tumor—it’s possible the leg tumor had metastasized to the spleen or liver, or he may have been suffering from an undiagnosed hemangiosarcoma.

A more lengthy obituary may be posted at a later time.

Please share your favorite memories of Atticus here, whether you only knew him through The Daily Atticus or if you had the pleasure of knowing him in person.

Donations in Atticus’ name can be made to any of the following worthy endeavors:
Clackamas Dogs Foundation
Oregon Humane Society
Compassionate Care Home Pet Services
• DoveLewis


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My deepest sympathies and condolences. I will miss dear Atticus – every day – just as I’ve enjoyed seeing him every day. It is clear he was well loved.

Comment by seedbud

oh no 😦 i am so sorry.

i will miss looking for his sweet mug to pop up on my feed. i hope as time passes your happy memories will outweigh your sadness.

Comment by realophile

I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful and loving dog. What a wonderful life he had.

Comment by Jen Rupert

I never met Atticus, but I saw how much joy and happiness he brought to Heather and everyone he met. His pictures and stories were delightful. What a sweet creature who will be missed so very much.

Comment by mona concepcion (@kirida)

I remember watching Strangers with Candy in your living room throwing some blue toy from one end of the living room and having him dash to fetch it. Over and over. But I finally won during that marathon and he eventually kept the toy and gnawed on it for the rest of the evening.

Comment by Clonton

So sad to read about Atticus passing, He sure was a beautiful dog and loved by many. Thank-You for taking the time each day and posting wonderful photos of Atticus.

Comment by krcrochet

[…] was seven days away from completing a glorious victory lap around the sun, but sadly Atticus Finch Andrews died Friday, May 29, 2015. You may remember him from Doggy Cancer, Bad Juju, and Constructive […]

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I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your postcard till now. I hope you are doing well. Atticus, though I never met him, was surely a beautiful companion. He had to be with you as his mom… Be well, Heather…

Comment by Dmae Roberts (@dmaeroberts)

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