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Unfortunate News: Atticus Has Cancer
June 7, 2014, 12:00 pm
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20140607-083528.jpg WARNING: Get your handkerchief.

We’ve got some bad news to report today: Atticus has a confirmed sarcoma in his right leg. Just before his semi-annual checkup in March a new lump appeared on the inside of his right knee, a mirror of the fatty tumor on the inside of his left knee. However, the new lump more than doubled in size within the course of two months, leading to another vet appointment earlier this week.

Atticus, as most older dogs, has developed a series of lumps over the years, and he has gotten used to doing needle aspirations. Most of these lumps have been fatty tumors. Each time in the past, the aspirate has appeared on the glass slide as small chunks of white cells, barely visible. This time, though, the aspirate was much more messy and bloody, suggesting an aggressive cancerous tumor. Even before the slides were sent out, everyone in the room was pessimistic about what the results would be.

These type of tumors are tough to completely scrape out, especially in places like the knee, where it co-mingles with lots of different type of tissue. Leg amputation might be a choice for a younger dog, but Atticus has also been getting arthritic—a longer recovery from an amputation plus making the remaining leg work harder would likely just prolong his suffering. He has suffered enough over the last decade due to his allergies.

According to the vet, soft tissue sarcomas generally grow for a time but can stabilize—they could even be stable for up to a year. At some point though they rupture at the skin. This is also when they metastasize to organs like the lungs and liver. The skin rupture means the dog will end up nursing the wound, and the alternative is putting an Elizabethan collar on for a prolonged period—but the wound will never actually heal. This means that when the wound ruptures, it’s about time for the dog to be gently walked to the rainbow bridge.

Atticus’ friends and family were devastated. Rest assured that Atticus is still active and happy, although his days of hiking and camping have probably drawn to a close.

Atticus has had an incredible life, and his family and friends will make sure the remaining months, or weeks, or however long, are just as happy as the previous 12.5 years have been. Atticus will leave this world knowing how incredibly loved he is.


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I’m sorry about Atticus. What a sweet dog. I’m sorry Heather.

Comment by mona concepcion (@kirida)

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